1 to sting (as a bee).
2 to bite.
3 to prick, pierce with a pin, puncture, needle.
4 to peck.
5 to bite (the fish at the bait).
6 to mince meat, hash, chop.
7 to goad, spur, prick, stimulate, incite, excite, animate, stir.
8 to molest, annoy.
9 to provoke, tease, exasperate.
10 to punch.
11 to perforate.
12 to reduce to pieces, tear (as paper).
13 to raise (prices).
14 to dive (plane).
15 to quicken (the pace).
16picar-se a) to take offence, feel hurt, be offended, be angry. b) to prick oneself. c) gír to flee, clear out.Expressõespicar a mula bras, pop a) to go away. b) to flee, clear out.
picar o cavalo to clap spurs to the horse.
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